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How to create labels for your Bead containers

With the use of Microsoft Word or the FREE Apache Open Office and Avery Labels #5267 (or generic) you can create neat and informative labels for your beads and findings.

Over the years I've organized and re-organized my beads and findings. First I was more concerned about the container (plastic bag, floss box, round tubes, flip top containers, etc), round tubes and flip top containers are my choice now.

It did not take long to realize that size 13, 14, and 15 seed beads are fairly close in size and when you have them all (3 sizes) in the same colors it is almost impossible to tell which is which.

With no label, planning projects and re-ordering can become frustrating especially when your memory wants to take a nap.

I find it well worth the time to organize and label purchases as soon as I get them home.

Shown above are a Pavilion Shelf, Round Tubes, and Flip Top Containers. Click on the image for a larger view.

An Avery 5267 Template will be used in this example. Available at;, Staples, eBay
The sheet of labels has 4 columns with 20 labels in each column, a total of 80 labels.
Each label is 1.75" x .05" per page. 3 lines of text using Arial size 8 will fit on 1 label.

Swarovski Crystal Bicone
5301-5328 4mm
Miyuki Delica, Size 11
DB 10
Opaque Black
Daisy Spacer 9mm
China #MFP 159 S
Lead Free - Metal - Silver color
Sterling 925 Silver
Earring Hooks 15mm
Swarovski Crystal Bicone
5301-5328 4mm
Miyuki Delica, Size 8
DB 322
Metallic Matte Bronze

Obtain a Template for the labels:
  • Click here for the Avery 5267 Template,
  • on the page that opens, notice 2 selctions are made available, choose one. I recommend selecting TEMPLATE ONLY as the other option includes a Tool Bar which you may not want installed on your computer.
  • Click DOWNLOAD and save the template file to your computer.
  • I recommend making a backup; save the file to a CD, hard drive, thumb drive, cloud, or where ever you prefer. It is always good to have a backup in case of the dreaded crash.
  • You are done with the template page and can close that window now.

Create the labels:
  • Open your preferred software (Word or Open Office).
  • Open the Label Template file; File -> Open -> the template file you just saved.
  • Decide what information you would like to include on your labels such as; Manufacture Name, style, number and color.
  • Type the information in 1 label area (some example labels are shown above), if duplicate labels are needed, use the copy (CTRL C) and Paste (CTRL V);
              a) Select the text you wish to copy by highlighting it with your cursor (mouse),
              b) let go of the mouse and
              c) then hold down the CTRL key and press the C key (both keys at the same time),
              d) then let go of both (at the same time).
              e) Paste by clicking inside the label where you want to place the information and press CTRL and V at the same time.

  • Fill in one or all of the 80 labels. If you have more than 1 container of the same bead, you are not alone and it is fine, just make duplicates or singles of the labels that you need.
  • Print the sheet; FILE -> PRINT.
  • Remove and afix labels to the appropriate containers.

Label Application:
  • Round tubes: Place the label around the tube about 1" up from the bottom, leaving room for the container to fit into a Pavilion Shelf or other storage system. Apply a small piece of clear tape that will lap over both beginning and end of the label. This keeps the label from peeling off the round containers.
  • Flip Top Containers: Place the label about 1" up from the bottom on a wider edge of the container.

  • The remaining labels can be printed out later if you keep the page in tact (8-1/2" x 11") do not cut or remove rows as the printer will not be able to feed the page properly.
  • When using a partial sheet of labels be sure to place the text information into the appropriate space on the template and especially be sure there is NO text/informaiton on label(s) you want left blank.
  • Save a 5267 sheet that includes the basic bead info for the various beads in your stash.
    1 label for Miyuki Delica, Size 11,
    1 label for Miyuki Delica, Size 8,
    1 label for Swarovski Crystal Bicone 4mm, etc...
  • As you need labels open both the blank template page and your statsh template, COPY from the statsh template to the blank template. With a minimal of typing you'll have the labels ready in no time.



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